2024 Presidential Primary Edition

2024 Presidential Primary Edition

The presidential primary prediction game is back for 2024!

Currently, we will only predict the Republican side. Each player will predict the top 4 finishers in each state. 20 points for predicting the winner correctly, 18 for 2nd place, 16 for 3rd, and 14 for 4th. Players also get points for getting close as long as the candidate finishes in the top 4.

The Iowa Republican caucuses is January 15!

Current major Republican candidates:
Chris Christie - former governor of NJ
Ron DeSantis - governor of Fla, former U.S. representative
Nikki Haley - former ambassador to UN, governor of SC
Asa Hutchinson - former governor of Ark, U.S. representative
Vivek Ramaswamy - businessman
Donald Trump - former U.S. president

Check back in a little bit to play!