2020 General Election Edition

How to Play

Click on a state in the left sidebar in the Upcoming Deadlines list. Then make your predictions in the comment section of that state's page. Include the name you'd like to appear with your predictions either in the post or as your username. Then list your predictions in order of how you believe the candidates will finish for each party.

The number of candidates you will predict for each party depends on the state. The number you are supposed to pick will be mentioned in the state's post.

Choose the top 4 candidates for each party in order.

Dems: Obama, Clinton, Edwards, Richardson.
Reps: McCain, Romney, Huckabee, Paul.

Make your prediction before 10pm Eastern of the deadline date indicated for that particular state. The deadline is ten days before the state's primary. You comment will not immediately appear. It will appear after the deadline has passed.

If you wish to change your prediction, simply make a second comment indicating that wish to disregard the first comment and make your new predictions in that second comment.

If a state's filing date for candidates is listed, do not make a prediction because the candidates and the number to predict for each party is subject to change.